Over the last seven years or so, DKG Trading, Inc. has been compiling quite an impressive track record for “Scouring the world to find great values for the American shooter!”  From Russia, Italy, Mexico, China, and beyond.  Brand names you might already have known, such as Bear or NSI (formerly NobelSportItalia).  Brand names you might not have heard of before but offer you supurb design, quality, and value.
Available throughout the good ol' US of A at fine dealers, catalog houses, e-stores, and big box stores that cater to the specific needs and wants of  the American shooting sports community.  You can depend on the brands and products DKG Trading offers to be of the highest standards and selling at reasonable prices.  That's a combination punch hard to beat.       
Please—wander through this website to learn the details, and be sure to contact us  if you have any questions or comments.  Dkg Trading. Inc. appreciates your business and always will!  Remember, we're “Scouring the world to find great values for the American shooter!”


DKG Trading Inc. is an ammunition and shooting sports accessories importer, selling only to distributors. We invite you to browse our website and encourage you to email us at sales@dkgtrading.com to find a distributor or dealer near you.

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