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 .22 Winchester Ammunition








No longer just a collector’s item!  .22 Winchester Automatic lives to shoot another day.  Brought back from obsolescence by Aguila.  One of the foremost ammunition manufacturers extant.  World renowned.

For use only in the Winchester Model 1903 semi-automatic rimfire rifle.  This rifle was in production through 1932.  Approximately 126,000 were produced between the dates of 1903 and 1932.  The rifle remains quite popular today.  Any other .22 rimfire  ammunition is not interchangeable for use in this model.  This .22 Winchester Automatic ammunition cannot be used in any other rifle or handgun chambered for another .22 caliber rimfire cartridge.

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Aguila .22 Winchester Ammunition is packaged 50 roundes per box and contains 100 boxes per case.



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