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Extreme Performance - Whatever the Weather

Gunscribes have been writing for decades about what occurs when a certain rifle with a particular load is required to perform under extreme conditions?  Let’s just say -20º F. or, perhaps, 120º F.?  Just what happens with trajectory and point-of-impact?  At 125 yards?  Or, maybe 400 yards?

Australian Outback found the answer.  By developing a proprietary propellant that erases this “issue” from consideration.  Outback ammo travels flat, true, without undue deviation, straight to your target.  “Extreme performance—whatever the weather.”  It’s an all-new technology aptly named Ballistic Temperature Independence (B.T.I.).  Only Australian Outback has it!

Plus, add the very best cases and primers available in the world.  Topped by world-renowned bullets matched specifically to the particular cartridge.  You now have an ultimate combination destined for superior performance.  Australian Outback—the final word for extreme performance!

For additional information and questions about Australian Outback Email us at

Australian Outback Rifle Ammunition is packaged 20 rounds per box and contains 10 boxes per case.

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